Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whiny Weigh In Wednesday

Let's just get right to it.  My weigh in today sucked rocks.  I lost .4 lbs for a total of 5.2 lbs in 3 weeks.  Of course I'm feeling sorry for myself but a friend, Dani from the JC forums rationalized things for me.  She said if I continue losing at my current pace that in 6 months I will have lost 45 lbs.  That is a realistic goal.  Although I am really going to try to lose more than that in 6 months, I will be content with 45.

I believe that if I can begin to move my fat ass I will lose at a faster pace.  Damn my Fibromyalgia.  Baby steps this week which means any exercise at all is more than I did last week.

On a happy note, my friend NursingGirl at Losing for Good met her first goal of a 10% loss.  Way to go my friend!

/Rant over


KateRN said...

I know it doesn't feel like you're losing "fast" enough but look at it this way: You are going in the right direction. Think about all the weeks that you might've gone UP .4 before starting JC or when you didn't make such good choices.

You are doing awesome! Also your fibro could be affecting your weight in more ways than you think. Your muscles are irritated and SWOLLEN! You are retaining fluid! How have your clothes been feeling? Better? The same? You have so many non scale victories to be proud of too...your daughter is ready to go to school (even if it WAS last minute, you accomplished it!)

And thank you for the shout out, you're so sweet <3 You are doing great and I love reading your blog!

Miss S. said...

Perspective is a good thing. I have no doubt you'll hit your stride soon.

Cece said...

Great attitude ... 45 lbs in 6 months .. oh yeah, I'd be thrilled ... keep up the good work !

aMbEr said...

A loss is a loss no matter how small! :)

Amber said...

A loss is a loss and 45 lbs in 6 months is a great pace! Keep it up!!!