Monday, August 15, 2011

FMM and Other Stuff

Riiiiiiiing goes the alarm at 6 freaking a.m. this morning.  Today is transition day, a 1/2 day of "practice", for mini-me who is now a 7th grader.  I had a hard time getting her up and after a good 30 minutes in the shower I started to lose my patience with her.  She has long thick hair and it takes forever to dry plus breakfast and applying her new make-up.  Since she can't seem to blow dry her own hair I did it for her and had it looking great only to have her come in a few minutes later to tell me her friend thinks she should wear it up (in a ponytail).  OMG she could have taken a shower last night if she were going to wear her hair up.  Tick tick goes the clock.  Finally I lost my temper and threatened to ground her if she didn't knock off the 'tude and we managed to get out of the house and to the school on time.  If this is a sneak peak of what to expect this year it's gonna be a long one *sigh*

The good news is that she made a competitive softball team so no more tryouts, yay!  It's going to be a calmer week and I am happy to concentrate on eating healthy and on plan and incorporating exercise into my routine.  My goal is a 2 pound loss on Wednesday!

Let's get to FMM: Friend Making Monday.  When we make new friends by answering questions from Kenlie's Blog @ All The Weigh then link there so others can read the various answers and comment on each others blogs.

FMM: The Driving Force
What is the driving force behind your weight-loss?  

The obvious answer is for better health.  The vanity answer is to look better.  The aha moment answer is when I couldn't attend my daughter's softball games this summer because I simply couldn't walk the length from the parking lot to the fields or sit in the heat without profusely over sweating from my fat.  I also couldn't accompany my hubby, daughter and niece to an amusement park while on vacation due to the long day of walking and the heat.  I felt horrible.  I feel horrible.

Until my late 30's I was always thin.  In fact I was downright skinny up until I had my first child at 22.  I could eat anything and not lift a finger to exercise and still not gain weight.  As the years progressed and my health deteriorated and I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I began gaining weight.  First 20 then 50 then 70 pounds of weight and the many medications made it near impossible to stop the gain.

Although I am still on medications and still in daily pain, I am determined to lose this weight and keep it off one way or another.  I researched my options and chose Jenny Craig because it's basically foolproof if you stay on the plan.  I know losing is going to be slow going (and I get so jealous when I see others losing large amounts each week) but I've accepted that slow and steady wins the race!

Now it’s your turn.  Share your answers, and don’t forget to come back and link up.  Happy Monday!


Brandy@YDK said...

my driving force is my kid. I want to enjoy is life and be a part of those things without worrying about my health

Miss S. said...

Oh buddy, I am glad I have boys when I here these girl stories!

I am doing this for my health number one and certainly there is vanity involved. My mom has let weight dictate & deteriorate her life. I don't want the same problems.

Lisa said...

Oh man - my 13 year old ~has~ to shower at night! She dances several nights a week =sweat =stink!

I can see where missing out on the amusement park would be a driving force!

Good luck with Jenny C.!

Amber said...

Oh yikes, being threatened with a grounding on the first day of school doesn't sound like a good start, does it?

I hope if I ever give birth, I don't give birth to girls!

Keep strong with your weight loss goals, you can do it!

Cece said...

I am so glad she made the softball team !! That being said - there is no way that YOU need any stress in the morning ...

Ximena said...

Stopping by from FMM, great post, specially the part about your aha moment, it reminded me when I made the decision to loose weight and be healthier for my family.
Take care,

Hilary said...

I saw that you're from Kansas City from your Blogger profile!! One of my favorite cities on this earth!! I lived there for 3 months for work a few summers ago. Best wishes for dealing with your teenage daughter ;)

Kristin MM said...

Stopping by from JC! I love your blog - have it on my new list of reads! On JC I'm Volvomom. :)

I used to teach high school, and now teach middle school. I never see what parents see - so this is an eye opener for me! I have two boys! :) Good luck!

Kim said...

Stopping by from FMM. Like you I feel like I've missed out on participating in a lot of stuff because of my size. Here's to a new life for us, participating and LIVING. Much success to you!