About Me

My Inspiration
I'm a fat Mom of two skinny kids and a very feisty Yorkie/Bichon.  I am married to a skinny husband . I live in the suburbs of middle America.  Truly the middle of America.  I lived in Ohio the first 43 years of my life and relocated to the 'burbs of Middle America because my husband got an awesome job.  My entire family and lifelong best friends are back in Ohio and I miss them terribly.  I'm a softball Mom and on the board of the PTA.  They serve cocktails at the meetings, how could I resist?

I love music-all kinds of music.  The 80's (I'm stuck there living my glory days), classic rock.  On my iPod you'll find everything from Jimmy Buffet to Carole King to Kenny Chesney to Led Zeppelin.  I'm a TV junkie.  I love reality shows like Big Brother and The Bachelor.  Two of my favorite Soaps are being canceled soon-All My Children and One Life to Live.  Luckily I'll still have The Young & The Restless and General Hospital.

I'm a girlie girl and somewhat high maintenance.  I like pink and purple and shiny things.  I love to shop but hate buying fat clothes for myself.  Instead I shop for the kidlets and husband and keep them in style.

This blog will be about my 71 pound weight loss journey, my family and the often comical life of a typical suburban Mom. This blog is a work in progress and as I learn how to use cool features and gadgets the look may change. Bear with me!