Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Friday Update

Guess what?  I actually worked out last night!  My body hurt (Fibromyalgia) and I had to take breaks but I made it through 30 minutes of Gold's Gym Dance Workout.  I was sweating and my feet hurt from my new super cute shoes but I kept going.  This is a huge accomplishment for me as I have not been active in years due to the pain. 

I mentioned the super cute shoes.  Well they are going back today because they killed my feet!  I'll be trying others and will spend some time walking around the store this time!

I have totally stayed on plan and will continue to no matter how hungry I get at night (it's terrible!).  Between the plan and my newfound 'love' of moving my fat ass, I am hoping for an awesome WI next week!  If my efforts don't pay off and I have another dismall loss I have decided to do the 6 weeks for 36 dollars promotion, giving me a total of 10 weeks to really give Jenny Craig a fair shot before committing to a long term and a lot more money.

I've been reading all of your blogs and am inspired by how well everyone is doing!  I also appreciate the comments you all leave for me.  They mean a lot and help me keep my head in the game.

Still having a crazy busy week but I'll write about that tomorrow with BYOC (Saturday Style).


KateRN said...

That's awesome!! I'm thinking of signing up at Gold's Gym too! They have spinning classes that are included in the 39.99 fee and I loooove spinning. I need to wait until I'm a little more on solid financial ground, I have a few more payments on the floors I bought in my condo. And then it's on!

I think you're making the right choice! You are doing great, keep up the awesome work :D

Laura (akaWonderWife!) said...

One of the girls I work with has Fibromyalgia so I can understand your pain :( Way to go on your workout and sorry your cute shoes hurt your feet. I've learned that when buying "good" shoes you usually have to go up about a 1/2 size. Have a great weekend!

Cece said...

Great news on the dance-workout ! I so need new walking shoes and just can't seem to get to the store to be bothered to get them. And then break them in ... oh geez, I really must do this ... we must be good to ourselves !

Brandy@YDK said...

good job!