Tuesday, October 11, 2011

True Confession Tuesday

From the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans it's True Confessions Tuesday where we confess all of our weight loss and other sins we feel necessary.

I Confess...that my kids have been fighting for 2 weeks.  Their fighting stresses me out and then I eat like crap. 

I Confess...that last Tuesday night when the fight escalated into a huge blow up that I ate carrot cake.  Now carrot cake may sound healthy because well it has carrots in it, but it's supposedly the most fattening cake around.  It was so good though.

I Confess...that on Thursday night, as the fighting went on and I wanted to get out of the house and away from my fighting babies kids, that I ate at Red Robin.  I had a mushroom and swiss burger with fries because you can't eat at RR and not have a burger and fries, right?

I Confess...that mini me had a softball tournament all weekend and I ate like crap, which I posted about Sunday night.  Not one but 2 Panera brownies.  WTH was I thinking?

I Confess...that mini me has a softball tournament this weekend and I am determined to eat as healthy as I can.  So no Panera brownies.

I Confess...that mini me got a grand slam and game MVP award.  I already posted about that too but it's my confession so I can do it again!  She rocks.

I Confess...that I have got to get to the true commitment level of this weight loss game and not just interested which I am apparently at now,  No brownies or burgers and fries or carrot cake.  Again, WTH was I thinking?

I Confess...that I could use some words of wisdom on how you got to the committed phase of your weight loss journey and how you avoid junk in times of stress.

I Confess...that I am once again dreading weigh in tomorrow.

What do you confess this fine Tuesday?


speck said...

Oh how I can relate to the first one! I can eat like a normal person all day long but let me walk in the door from work and hear kids/husband fighting and let me escape with icecream.

Congrats to mini me(lol)on the grand slam(that's awesome) and the MVP award.

The only thing I can offer as to what has helped me this time is...sitting down and making a list of protein foods and stocking up.

Also, how is your restriction? Are you hungry between meals? I know you mention that it's stress eating but are you really in a good spot with restriction.

As mothers we get so overwelmed some times.(well all the time) So do what you can and leave the rest alone.


Spoonful of Me said...

I wish I could give you advice on stress eating but I don't allow anything to cause me stress. The way I see it is if there is nothing I can do about it why stress about it. Stressing out about it and eating is not going to make them stop fighting.