Monday, October 24, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

From Never Growing Old it's Meet Me on Monday, a blog hop where we get to know each other better.


1.  My favorite kind of animal is _______?  Domestic is a dog, wild would be a manatee.

2.  Do you like your handwriting?  No, it's gotten really bad as my Fibromyalgia has progressed.  I hate to even sign checks and it's really bad when I have to sign one of those credit card thingies at a store!

3.  What is the last movie you saw?  We rarely go to the theater so I think it was Grown Ups.

4.  Do you buy things on eBay?  Yes when I need something, most recently a power cord for my laptop.

5.  What did you have for lunch yesterday? A Jenny Craig Stuffed Chicken Sandwich, it's one of my favorite meals on JC, yum.

Have a good Monday Y'all!


BREN said...

OMG! I saw a manatee when I was in Cancun years ago! I have admit, they look so cuddly! I just wanted to squeeze him! hehe Grown Ups was an awesome movie (one that I watched a few times now).

Have a great Monday!


Impulsive Addict said...

I haven't ever seen a manatee but I would cuddle up to a dolphin. One kissed me in Jamaica once. It was amazing! Ok, I promise I'm not weird.

I haven't seen Grown Ups yet. Was it good?

A stuffed chicken sandwich sounds amazing. Do you like doing Jenny Craig? What are the pros and cons?

Laura (akaWonderWife!) said...

Oh how fun! Manatees are so cute! I haven't seen Grownups yet, but I normally only watch horror and food documentaries ;)

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

I've never really seen a manatee before. They are cute!

Anonymous said...

I love grown ups - but then I am breastfeeding a 4 year old lol.