Tuesday, September 20, 2011

True Confession Tuesday

I Confess...That I was up all freaking night, ok from 1:15 to 7:00, with my puking her guts out mini-me.

I Confess...That I really appreciate my own Mom today.  She stayed up with me quite a few nights while I puked my guts out and then went to work.

I Confess...That I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon and it felt so good.

I Confess...That I ate 5 Double Stuff Oreos at about 3 am.  At least they were Double Stuff and so yummy.

I Confess...That I semi-slept through All My Children today and that I am really sad that this is the show's final week.

I Confess...That I have watched AMC on and off since I was about 16.  That's a long damn time.

I Confess...That I drank Diet Pepsi all day because I was too lazy to make a pitcher of Crystal Light and I don't like plain water.

I Confess...That there is major drama going on my hubby's side with his two brothers wives.  One claims the other stalked her in 2009, yes 2009, and the shit is hitting the fan now with a family wedding coming up in November.

I Confess...That my head will explode if I have to listen to one more phone call about it while trying to stay neutral.

I Confess...That I bought this dress for above wedding.  It's actually pretty slimming even though everything makes me look like a cow.

I Confess...That because mini-me was sick this morning and I was a zombie, I missed my 8:00 am blood work and now must go tomorrow.  I will miss weigh-in which is usually at 8:00 am on Wednesday.

I Confess...That I am not too hung up over it and hope I'll have another killer loss next week to show for it!

Have a good day y'all!


Miss S. said...

Love the dress! 2009? Really? Sounds like some crazy business!!

Hope your little sweetie feels better and no one else gets it!

Laurie said...

so sorry about your night. like the dress. impressed that you could eat in between the puking :)
hope you get some sleep.

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

I'm pulling for your and hoping your little one feels better really soon!

Laura Belle said...

Love the dress!!

Amber said...

Have you ever tried the Crystal Light packets for bottles of water?? I'm not a fan of Crystal Light but I LOVE these!! Maybe they'll help you out when you don't get to make a whole pitcher? :)

Cat said...

Happy to find your blog, and I love the "confessions". I might have to do something along those lines myself. Congrats on your progress in your weight loss journey!