Sunday, September 11, 2011

9.11.01 We Will Never Forget

10 years ago today I watched in horror as first the fire from the 1st plane spread, then the 2nd plane hit, then the towers collapsed.  I was the Human Resources Director for a large manufacturer and it was chaotic to say the least and that was in Ohio.  The realization that the US was under attack was terrifying in those first hours.  We struggled with what to do-close down production or continue to work.  We decided to inform our employees of the events as we knew them and have televisions on throughout the plant but remain in operation.

Together we watched in horror as the rescue efforts took place, as people frantically tried to get home and out of NYC, as desperate people jumped to their death instead of the impending fact that there was no way to escape the ravaging fire.  We listened to our President assure us that the US had taken all of the necessary security precautions.

Like the rest of the US we were in shock all that week and took part in the National Day of Prayer service as a plant.

I remember that following the tragedy of 9.11.01 people became friendlier, flags were abundant and church services were full.

I remember thinking that our world would never be the same.

I remember thinking "what kind of world have I brought my children into?"

My heart ached as the phone calls from frantic people to their loved ones to say their last goodbyes were released.

My heart ached as I watched the footage of the makeshift memorials and missing posters were placed.

I was scared that my son might get drafted in a few years when he turned 18 if the war was still going on.

Those were just a few of the things I was thinking and feeling so many miles away from the actual sites of the tragedies.  I cannot comprehend what those that lost loved ones or lived through it must have felt and still feel.  I just can't comprehend it.  I know that I'll never forget it though.

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Good post ... our world has changed ...