Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh in with Jenny Craig was this morning and I gained 1.4 lbs after my road trip to Ohio.  I was expecting a gain but was a little taken aback at such a big one.

I *MUST* focus this week on staying on plan, eating JC food and drinking tons of water.  Other than a church banquet Sunday night that shouldn't be a problem.

I'll post tomorrow about my trip.  Have a great Wednesday Y'all!


ArtyMarti said...

I'm sure the travel weight will disappear. You are bound to have hiccups. Look forward to hearing about your trip.

Cece said...

I've been drinking water like a crazed person ... we can do this together !

Anonymous said...

Trips are crazy. Work through it and make a plan. Be well.

Joy said...

SO sorry about the weight gain. Just keep focused on your plan!! You can do it!!!