Tuesday, November 1, 2011

True Confession Tuesday

It's time for True Confession Tuesday.  The day we confess our sins from the past week and whatever else is on our mind.

I Confess...That I unofficially weighed in at 218.5 last week but today the scale said 220.5.  WTH? 

I Confess...That I have stayed on the Jenny Craig plan most of the week with the exception of eating out a couple of times so where the gain came from I have no idea but I'm pissed.

I Confess...That I am now dreading my JC weigh in tomorrow.

I Confess...That I had a mini Twix last night from mini me's stash and it was good.  Delisiously good even.

I Confess...That yes I let my daughter wear a football uniform that said "tackle me"
I Confess...That instead of passing out candy last night we went to a neighborhood party sponsored by our church and it sucked.  Am I going to hell for saying that? (JK)

I Confess...That I am going to look at a Mazda CX7 today and will probably buy it.  It's black and I love it.

I Confess...That with a new car payment that I will be broke as a joke but at least I'll look good tooling around in my new car.  :P

So what do you have to confess today?  Did you raid your kid's stash of candy?


Brandy@YDK said...

oooh new cars are fun even though they cost too may dollars.

Mariebop said...

I don't have kids so there's no candy stash at my house. Thankfully, I also came close to running out of candy so there's not much left for me to binge out on.

I want a new car! But it's my husband's turn...

Impulsive Addict said...

This Halloween candy that is in my kitchen will be the death of me. I have placed it out of sight but it's not working. I need to give it away.

Maybe I'll do a giveaway!

Love the pic of your daughter!

Thanks for linking up your post.

Anonymous said...

Just because church event was boring doesn't mean you're going to hell. Well...I hope not.

Carbie Girl said...

I dont' have kids but I have a chocolate loving boyfriend and a brother whos staying with me and bought two large bags of kit kats and pb cups.. i confess to wanting to kill him for buying them but further confess that I ate some and no longer felt like killing! heehee

Manda said...

Lol about your daughters costume. As for the weigh-in thing, sorry. I've been dealing with this the past two weeks. Uggh. Yay on new car, boo on payment. lol.

Anonymous said...

Some days I think the scale is an evil witch with a curse!!

speck said...

I love funny, uplifting post!

Yes, you might be broke, but you'll look good!


Tracy said...

Ah I love the picture of your daughter! I was in KC all weekend (From Topeka) and the weather was beautiful for Halloween!!

Shawn said...

Thanks for linking up, it's always so nice meeting new blogges!

Your daughters costume said Tackle Me and mine daughters costume apparently shrunk 4" from the time we bought it to the time she wore it. Can you say, "slutty Pirate"?. Looks like you won't be in hell alone!

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

Ohh, enjoy the new wheels!