Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

I'll just get right to it.  I had my first weigh in today and I lost 3 pounds.  I know I should be happy because a loss is a loss and all BUT reading all the posts on the Jenny Craig boards really got me in the mindset that I was going to lose BIG.

My goal for this week is to cut back/almost eliminate Diet Pepsi (I drink a lot) and replace it with lots and lots of water.

On another note, a lady at my Jenny Craig Center commented that my pants were loose.  LOL I don't think 3 pounds makes ones pants loose but it made me feel good anyway!


KateRN said...


I know it's so easy to say 'don't get down on yourself' and we still do. I do it too. But you know what? You didn't gain weight this week. Instead of our normal pattern of eating WHATEVER and ignoring the scale, we embraced the fear and guess what? WE LOST! WE ARE LOSERS! WOO HOOOOOOO!

Never been happier to be a loser ;)

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Be proud of those 3lbs that is an amazing loss! We all lose at different paces, you can't base your progress on others progress, our bodies is gonna lose how it wants to. And you very well could of lost a couple inches already, sometimes the scale doesn't move or barely moves and I drop tons of inches.