Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Melting

My daughter had softball tryouts at 9 am this morning where I stood in the sun for a flippin hour.  It was already 90 something at that point.  As much as I was sweating you'd think I'd melt some of these pounds away.  At least in my dreams I did.

I had my 3-day follow up with Jenny Craig after that.  I had the humiliating task of being measured and having my "before" picture taken.  I can't even type my measurements-they are that bad.

Off to the grocery store from there where I filled my basket with yummy fruits and vegetables.  Oh and salad.  Jenny Craig herself says to eat more salad so it must be true.  *wink*

So far I've liked the Jenny food...the cheesy chicken, chicken fettucine, fish and chips, bbq meatloaf, breakfast scramble, personal pizza and turkey burger.  I don't care for the french toast the anytime bars or the soupetizers.  Like I said on Day 1 the cheesecake is to.die.for!

Now I'm going to watch a marathon of Project Runway on Lifetime.  A girl can dream.

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